Tolkien and Harry Potter at Dragon*Con

This Saturday, August 31, 2013, I will be joining several other people on a “Middle-earth and Harry Potter” fan track at Dragon*Con 2013 in Atlanta (the Website has been down several times for me so I apologize if it’s not working for you).

This marks the first year I will be returning to Dragon*Con as an “Attending Pro” in over 6 years. I was pleased to be invited to participate on a Tolkien fan panel. Of course, I started the Tolkien and Middle-earth fan track at Dragon*Con many years ago but as I moved farther away from Atlanta and depended on TheOneRing.Net more and more for support, it just made sense to ask them to take over management of the track.

And I think the TORN team has done a fantastic job. I hope they don’t mind if I take pride in my good judgment. 🙂

This weekend I will also be helping the Legend of the Seeker fans at Dragon*Con. They have a fan table that is very close to the TORN fan table. I have volunteered to sit at the LOTS table on Saturday and Sunday (1 hour each day but I may donate a little more time).

There is also a Legend of the Seeker meetup on Friday afternoon at 4:00 PM but rather than repeat all that I’ll just point you to this discussion at the Confessor and Seeker Society forum.

I spent a few hours down there today/yesterday (Thursday) getting badges for myself and a couple of members of my family and relearning the complex pathways between three of the hotels. You can wander around some parts of downtown Atlanta via the “Skywalk” (see this map of Downtown Atlanta for more info). I got lost a few times as the turns and alternate routes through the various buildings (not to mention all the floors and different elevations) kept my head spinning for a while.

It didn’t help that some of the programming has been moved since I was last at the convention, and on top of that the hotels seem to have done some remodeling. But it was a fun afternoon and I’m looking forward to being largely ignored in a crowd of tens of thousands of science fiction, fantasy, science, and whatever buffs who will be constantly milling about as security people scream out, “Keep moving! Do not stop! Keep moving!”

Should be fun.

If you’re at the convention, please be sure to check out the Legend of the Seeker fan table.


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