SF Fandom Co-founder Dixie Has Passed Away

We were saddened to learn about Dixie’s sudden death yesterday. She suffered an apparent heart attack while at home by herself.

Dixie joined the Xenite.Org community in April 1997 when she volunteered to assist with the Xena Online Resources directory. Within a few months she had earned a place as team leader for the XOR volunteer editors and took on full administrative duties for all of Xenite by that fall.

Dixie assisted in developing numerous Web projects for the Xenite.Org community, although her largest contribution by far was to build and design the SF-Fandom forums and to recruit the first team of moderators. Without Dixie’s guidance and dedication SF-Fandom.com would never have happened.

If you had the chance to meet her in person, or even to talk on the phone, you would know what I mean when I say she was both sweet and full of fire. I have seldom met a more passionate person in my life. She lived full throttle.

Dixie was a great friend and mentor to many people. She was a mother, a US military veteran, and wife to Kim. Over the past decade they enjoyed riding their motorcycles on the highways and traveling.

Our thoughts and best wishes go out to Kim and the rest of her family.

Rest in peace, Dixie, and may God speed you on your way to your next great adventure. We hope to meet you again one day.


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