Science Fiction and Fantasy Ideas for Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day is coming up on May 11 and like many other people I have been trying to think about what I can do that isn’t quite the same thing I have always done. So I have been scouring the Web for unique ideas (there aren’t really any). I did, however, come across some less frequently shared ideas and that got me to thinking. What would you do for your mother if she was a hard-core, dedicated science fiction fan? My mother is not such a fan although she certainly enjoyed some of the bigger SF movies when they came out.

But for the family that has grown up immersed in science fiction and fantasy (and there must be plenty by now), how would you celebrate Mother’s Day by making her feel special while at the same time enjoying your mutual love of science fiction and fantasy?

I shared some ideas for Mother’s Day on the SF Fandom blog but a few more have occurred to me. I thought I would post them here.

Gifts We often give our moms special gifts on Mother’s Day. So this would be a nice way to give her that science fiction/fantasy book or movie she has been wanting to buy but didn’t set aside the money for. Other gifts include fantasy statues, art (prints and oil paintings), and collectibles. If your mother really loves it, why not give her something that brightens her life?

Dining Invariably we try to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner with Mom (and Dad, of course). If you live near a cinema that serves food and is showing a science fiction movie she loves or has been wanting to see, you could have a movie-dinner date with the family. The food may not be the highest quality but it’s the time spent together that counts the most.

Furniture Shopping Who doesn’t want to buy furniture on Mother’s Day, right? Well, I’m thinking that Mom might want to browse through some antique stores if she doesn’t normally get a chance to do that. You don’t see a lot of science ficiony stuff in those stores but certainly she might find an old table or set of book shelves that would enhance her SF collectibles. Another option is to check out an estate auction or two. Sometimes you find old books and/or movie memorabilia.

Indoor Skydiving If Mom is up for it, she might just love the experience of flying, which is pretty close to experiencing some of the magic of science fiction and fantasy.

I’m not going to take my mother to an indoor skydiving facility but it’s a pretty cool idea. I’m sure some Moms would definitely be up for it.

The idea is to create a shared sense of adventure and exploration. Of course, it really comes down to what your mother likes to do and what everyone can afford.

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