Tolkien Fans Taking to the High Seas with Convention Voyages

Trilo3y VoyagesI’m trying to figure out what to call these group voyages. SeaCons, maybe, will probably take the pedestal but there are already several companies that have named themselves “SeaCon [something or other]” and I am sure they don’t want any more crowding in their namespace. I can only imagine what the trademark attorneys’ fees must be like in that little niche of industry.

Nonetheless, it was bound to happen that someone who wanted to celebrate the fiction of J.R.R. Tolkien would figure out a way to combine costumes with casinos. And so Ray Jelley set out upon his quest to create Trilo3y Voyages, a series of (hopefully) epic cruises that will bring Tolkien fans together with scholars, actors, and maybe a few stunned mermaids.

The first cruise is scheduled to leave Fort Lauderdale, FL this December and the second one leaves Sydney, Australia in January. More cruises are scheduled for 2015 and yet more planned beyond that. And if you’re thinking, “Yeah, but they won’t have much of a lineup” — well, you’re wrong (in my opinion). Notable Tolkien scholars Professor Michael Drout, Professor Janet Brennan Croft, and Jason Fisher have signed up. I was, myself, invited to participate but I can’t yet make a commitment. I’d love to be on that first cruise.

Nonetheless, I did promise to help spread the word and that is what I am doing. You can read the official Trilo3y press release on SF Fandom or just browse their Website.

Cruises feature a black-tie gala (don’t worry, guys, you rent clothing from the ship), a costume ball, film screenings, and much, much more. Several actors from the movies (including, most notably, Bruce Hopkins who played “Gamling” in “The Lord of the Rings”) and Royd Tolkien will also be joining the fun.

I’m not sure what else I can say that you won’t already find out on the other Websites (I’m trying not to be too repetitive here). I did have the pleasure of interviewing Bruce Hopkins in 2003. And you can also browse my interviews with Tolkien scholars series to learn more about Professors Drout and Croft, as well as Jason Fisher.


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