An Old Friend Makes a BIG Update

Xenite.Org Movies PortalXenite.Org has been relatively quiet for the past few years because so much of the site was built on static HTML files that we have been unable to set aside time to add more content and redesign the existing themes. In 2011 we replaced the root domain’s content with a WordPress blog and launched a dedicated subdomain for Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien articles. We now have nearly 800 articles, mostly original research answering questions from fans all around the world.

But there things were left to rest for a long time. I have been working a great deal over the past couple of years and what little help I have had from friends and colleagues has been mostly focused on keeping the SF Fandom forums running.

But this month I finally decided it was time to update a couple of the old subdomains. In fact, I did away with them to simplify server management and used our multisite WordPress installation to replace both subdomains.

The first upgrade came for our Huckleberry Wild Website. That was a pretty simple upgrade because it’s a relatively small Website. The original design made it too hard to add content, which is why I launched Huckleberry Biz as a standalone blog a couple of years ago. We have been slowly adding articles to the .BIZ site for people who want to know more about stores, restaurants, and festivals where they can find and buy huckleberry products (although we do have our own huckleberry products store.

The second upgrade came to our aging, decrepit Science Fiction & Fantasy Movies Portal. When we originally set it up we hoped to publish a lot of articles about our favorite movies. However, the design relied on static HTML pages and in order to add content to the site we had to manually upgrade the menus on all the pages and then upload the source files to the server…again and again and again.

That got old, as you can imagine, and so we let the site fall into disuse.

I am happy to say that this week we have brought it back by replacing the old hand-coded subdomain with a WordPress site. Adding content as everyone using WordPress knows is now very simple. We finished and released a long-planned >section on Marvel movie franchises and now we have added a much-needed Middle-earth Movies section that includes trivia, video collections, and whatever else we thought might make the pages interesting. You can literally spend hours on the site watching all the videos, including several full movies.

We’re pretty excited, as you can imagine, and are hoping to get the word out. We’ll appreciate your taking some time to check the site out and if you like it providing a link to it.


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