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Robert MelletteWe’re in the process of interviewing Robert Mellette, who was known as Xenastaff to many fans of Xena: Warrior Princess. He has a book coming out in a few days. We have not yet decided whether to publish the interview on Xenite.Org or SF-Fandom.com but I will share an update here when we get things sorted out.

If you have not seen the fan-made film “Tolkien’s Road” you are in a for a real treat. You can read my review and watch the 35 minute movie for free at Tolkien Studies on the Web. Although not a scholarly work (it is very entertaining, by the way) it is based on solid scholarship, in my opinion. Just remember that it is a fantasy movie, not a mere biography.

Scene from 'Tolkien's Road' by Nye Green

Scene from ‘Tolkien’s Road’ by Nye Green

Although the Save Our Seeker letter writing contest has ended Legend of the Seeker fans continue to send letters to Sam Raimi. Keep asking him to make that movie, folks. It only takes a few minutes to write a letter (and, yes, I have written to Sam myself).

If you enjoyed watching Simon Horrocks’ scifi thriller “Third Contact” (read this review on Top Ten Topia if you have not) then you may be interested to know that Simon is now raising money for Web TV series he has named Kosmos. You can read the details and see concept art on Kickstarter.

We at SF-Fandom were very pleased to work with Simon in helping to promote “Third Contact”. Although he has not reached out to us for similar support for Kosmos (he has many supporters to help him spread the word now) we are excited to see this project coming along. There are 18 days left in the fund raising campaign as I write this. Good luck, Simon! May the Internet be generous and gracious!

Filmguy (an SF Fandom administrator) found and published some clips from Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy” DvDs in our Disney/Pixar movies forum. You can see goodies like Lee Pace puttin’ his thang down in the dance off and Bradley Cooper’s take on Rocket (these are just promotional clips Marvel is sharing to help sell the DvD). The movie went on sale via Blu-Ray and DvD on November 24.

By the way, Filmguy has been doing a fantastic job of finding great fan-made films for Star Wars, Star Trek, and Middle-earth (and I think there is at least one Harry Potter movie). You can see the videos by browsing our forums. Also, if you search the forums for the keyword “video” or “videos” he usually includes that in the subject line (I taught him that trick).

Free registration is required before you can post in the forums and all new members are reviewed and moderated. But if you just want to watch a lot of great science fiction and fantasy movies online without having to slog through all the lower-quality content, SF Fandom may be the best place to start (even if I do say so myself).


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