SF Fandom December 2014 News

Billy Bobble Makes a Magic WandRobert Mellette contacted us at the end of July and asked if we would be able to help promote a book he was publishing on December 8. We said we would be glad to. Unfortunately, time slipped by and we were unable to participate in the pre-release promotion campaign. However, SF-Fandom and its sister site have now published a two-part interview with Mellette.

An Interview with Robert Mellette, Part One on Xenite.Org introduces you to the author, whose book Billy Bobble Makes a Magic Wand should be very interesting for the whole family. He takes quantum magic in a whole new direction.

You will find many more questions and answers in An Interview with Robert Mellette, Part Two on SF-Fandom. Mellette served in the role of Xenastaff on the old MCA/Universal Web forum, and he was responsible for writing the Xena Scrolls section on the Website. The first season clips episode was based on the Xena Scrolls.

Mellette is also very active in independent film-making, so if you are interested in how that works he shares some interesting insights. I wish we could have talked more about that process. I may have one of our writers contact him next year for another interview. One of my friends is a total indie film buff.

Even people living under rocks must know by now that “The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies” has been released. You can read my review for SF-Fandom in our Web forum. I thought it was a far better movie than “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug”, which was just really hard to sit through.

Mindfaring through Middle-earthFinally, for Tolkien fans everywhere, I have published an experimental book called Mindfaring through Middle-earth. It’s available only as a Kindle Edition but you can download a free Kindle reader on just about any kind of device (smart phone, laptop, desktop, etc.). The book only costs $2.99 but if you pay for Kindle Prime you can read it for free.

From everyone at SF-Fandom and Xenite.Org, we wish you the best of holiday seasons and may you and your loved ones be safe.


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