For Our Science Fiction Friends Everywhere

I want to call out attention to a friend’s science fiction convention in north Georgia, for fans who live in that area. Hallowcon is mostly a big Halloween fantasy party, with lots of costumes. I’m hoping to get up there this year myself. But don’t take this as an official announcement of my attendance. I won’t be sure of what I can do until Octoberish.

While I am talking about conventions, I have been accepted as an attending professional to Dragon*Con again. “Attending Professional” is below “Guest”. A Guest is someone who gets at least one breakout session. An Attending Professional is someone who sits on panels with other people (including Guests) and/or otherwise finds ways to participate in making the convention a nice experience for everyone. I am still waiting to see what panels I will be assigned to.

A few weeks ago Denny’s PR agency asked if I could help spread the word about their Fantastic Four contest so we published an article on SF-Fandom: New Fantastic Four Menu at Denny’s and Premier Tickets. That inspired one of our team members to write this lengthy discussion: Movie Meal Deals: Are They Comic Bookish Enough?.

That article is published on a Website called This site has been around for years but it has been overshadowed by “Comic Book Movie-dot-com”. The expression is too generic to be trademarked, but I can see how people might wonder if the MOVIES-dot-com is trying to play off the popularity of MOVIE-dot-com. In my opinion, they are not. But it’s a Website kind of in search of a purpose, because it’s clearly not trying to publish entertainment news the way MOVIE-dot-com is.

Hey, are you a Tolkien fan? Did you know there are Websites that publish quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien? Of course you do. Most of them are pretty fluffy. But check out Quotes by J.R.R. Tolkien, Author of The Lord of the Rings because this looks like a really cool rundown of things he wrote with some background information.

And on an almost totally unrelated note, you might want to check out this article about 10 Science Fiction Movies Where Humans are the Invading Aliens. Very cool, very well done (IMHO).


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