DragonCon 2015 Panels for Tolkien Fans

I will be an Attending Professional at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend. So far I am scheduled for one panel on Saturday and three panels and one solo session on Sunday.

You can see the schedule on the Middle-earth blog. I would repost it here but they have already made one change to my schedule (adding the Sunday evening Star Wars Vs. Middle-earth panel) and I don’t want to have to update a lot of Websites if another change is made.

The Tolkien and Middle-earth Track has always been special to me since I was the founding director. I have always been pleased to see it continue to enjoy success. It’s not easy to keep a fan track in the schedule at Dragon*Con. They watch the room use carefully and if a programming track appears to lose support among the fans it may be dropped. That happened to the Hercules and Xena track, another track I founded in the 1990s.

I know the long lines can be annoying, especially if you’re not sure about which sessions you want to attend. The Tolkien Track is trying to accommodate a lot of people this year and I am really looking forward to being a part of it.

My solo session on Sunday is about the weird questions Tolkien fans ask. “Weird” may not have been the best word to use but I only mentioned in passing to Larry Curtis (the current track director) that fans do ask a lot of strange questions and he thought that would be an interesting panel. So there you have it. I hope a lot of people attend because I would hate to be the guy who failed the Tolkien track.

Of course, for full details of what the Tolkien and Middle-earth track has planned this year, be sure to check out the official Website: http://middleearth.dragoncon.org/.


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