Interesting Science Fiction Developments for October 2015

Word on the SF Fandom forums is that three Witch World movies are in development.  The Witch World is one of Andre Norton’s most famous fictional worlds, if not THE most famous of her fictional worlds.  She wrote the first novel, Witch World, in 1963 and many more books followed almost until her death in 2005.

Xenite.Org has an extensive Witch World subsite that provides a lot of information about the characters, the books, and the world.  The Xenite.Org Witch World site is the Web’s oldest dedicated Andre Norton fan site, dating to 1997, and remains a popular destination on our network.

The movies will be based on the first two books, according to early reports in the SF-Fandom Andre Norton forum.  Kirin Media Ventures will make three films based on Witch World and Web of the Witch World, which follow the adventures of Simon Tregarth (a man from Earth) and Jaelithe (a witch of Estcarp).  These witches (and the other power users of Witch World) are styled on Wiccan ideals but ultimately the series just focused on the development of innate powers that some characters possessed (not everyone can use the power in Witch World).

Kylin Network (Beijing) Movie & Culture Media Co. Ltd. and George Paige are collaborating with Kirim Media on the first movie.  Paige has a long list of production credits but none of them are what I would consider to be blockbusters or major science fiction franchises.  He has done a lot of documentaries and some comedy films.  Although this not promising, “past performance does not guarantee future results” applies and in this case Paige may surprise everyone.  And the team may bring on other producers and a well-established director.

Keep up with the discussion in our Andre Norton Witch World Movie thread at SF-Fandom.

In other interesting developments, there will be another All Seekers’ Eve this year.  That is an informal online fan celebration of Legend of the Seeker.  People can dress up in cosplay and publish selfies to their social media accounts, or upload new fan videos to YouTube and other video services, or create holiday greeting cards, etc.  Details will be published later this month on the Save the Seeker blog.  Stay tuned.  We had a good response last year and I hope this becomes an annual tradition for years to come.

And speaking of Xenite.Org, I have launched a new section there called Gaming Websites Today (for lack of a better title) that describes and points you to various gaming-related Websites my friends and I have been developing over the past few years (mostly friends, to be honest).  Some of the sites are about board games, some are about role-playing games, some are about gambling games, and card games.  Nothing really about the video games, yet, although I wrote an article about some CIV V articles we have published on one our other Websites.

There are so many games out there that creating a great resource about gaming will take some time, so while we have several pages of (I hope) good content online now, this is a long-term project and I’m hoping to get some friends to join in and contribute content.  If they don’t, well, in a few years it should be a pretty big site.  🙂

Anyway, please check it out and share it with your friends.  And if you are one of my friends, I know you like games.  Get in touch with me.


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