Xenite.Org Adds Star Wars to Movie Portal

When I first launched Xenite.Org in 1997 I consolidated content from several science fiction and fantasy Websites I had set up on other services.  Within months I began adding new (sub-) sites to the domain, including Star Wars content.  Long ago I moved most of that content to another domain, SF-Worlds.Com, but I have always wanted to build a new section devoted to Star Wars on Xenite.Org.  This week I finally completed work on what I hope will become a much larger section over the next few years.

Since I don’t have much time to work on personal Web projects any more I started this project earlier this year.  And because there are some portions of Xenite.Org that still need to be built out I decided to add the Star Wars content to one of those sections.  I chose the Xenite.Org Science Fiction and Fantasy Movies Portal, which covers large film franchises such as the Marvel Superhero Movies and the Middle-earth movies.

Now there is an extensive Star Wars Movies section as well.  And there is room to grow.  Although the portal consolidates or links to a lot of older content on Xenite.Org, such as the once-proposed Carson Napier of Venus movie project (which seems to have died), I have always envisioned adding new sections of content there for film franchises that I take an interest in.  I would have loved to include the Hunger Games, for example.  We do have an older Harry Potter Website that is waiting to be upgraded.  With the prospect of new movies (and now a Broadway play) it makes sense to expand the site, but there again I don’t have much time for that kind of work.

The new Star Wars section features reviews of the movies and a selection of fan films you can watch.


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