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Production still from 'Independence Day: Resurgence'

Production still from ‘Independence Day: Resurgence’

2016 is proving to be a great year for fantasy movies and games, in my opinion.  Although I am not much of a gamer I appreciate the quality of the games that are being released.  I know someone with an XBox, for example, and have watch him play some of the games he enjoys.  Talk about immersing yourself in a fully cinematic experience!  Wow!  But my attention is now fully given to the movies and I wanted to share a review I wrote for A1 Movie Reviews for “Independence Day: Resurgence”.  Short version: I really like this movie.

If you have been reading negative reviews about this movie I strongly urge you to see it for yourself and make up your own mind.  But I’m quite pleased with having seen it in the cinema.  This is not one you want to wait for the DvD to watch, in my opinion.  Movie critics are always looking for something to whine about.  My whining just happens to differ from all the usual culprits.  But I’ve never been  a big fan of the kinds of art films most movie critics seem to love.

While I am plugging my movie reviews I might as well mention the review I wrote for “Warcraft”, which in my opinion is a fantastic movie.  And that is a pun in every sense of the word.  It’s a great, fun movie.

If you’re wondering why I’m not linking to movie reviews on the SF-Fandom forums, well, I shared some thoughts there, too.  The reviews on A1 Movie Reviews are written differently (although I doubt I have what it takes to be a “serious” film critic).  So here is a link to my forum review of “Independence Day: Resurgence”.  I meant to write a review for “Warcraft” there but ran out of time.  Time is a precious commodity for me these days.

In other news we have seen some changes on Xenite.Org.  We moved our science fiction and fantasy store to and we have rebuilt it from the ground up.  The old Astores are gone and we have more embedded products. There is also a new Astore but we’re still getting the kinks sorted out.  The new shop now has its own blog section where you’ll find articles such as “Why Can’t You Buy Cards Against Humanity in Stores?” and “Where to Buy A Game of Thrones Products”.

I don’t want to set too high an expectation with GoT fans.  Xenite doesn’t have much content devoted to George R.R. Martin.  Admittedly, that is in part because of our Tolkien content.  I would prefer not to be drawn into the perpetual battle between fans of Tolkien and Martin (many of whom like both authors equally well).  See my article about whether Gandalf’s death was a cheat for more details on my (hopefully) neutral position concerning Martin and Tolkien.  But I don’t watch much television and so I have not been watching “A Game of Thrones”.  Neither do I buy many books any more.

And one more quick plug before I go.  We recently published a list of game strategy guides for experts and amateurs on Xenite’s gaming site.  It is by no means the most complete list of strategy guides but it should get you started if you’re interested in that sort of thing.


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