About Michael Martinez

Michael Martinez is the founder of the Xenite.Org Network, which includes SF-Fandom.Com, SF-Worlds.Com, and TheQueenofSwords.Net. Active in science fiction and fantasy fandom since the early 1990s, Michael has worked with several science fiction and fantasy conventions in the southeastern United States. He founded both the Hercules and Xena track and the Tolkien and Middle-earth track at Dragon*Con.

As a writer Michael Martinez also wrote a bi-weekly column on Hercules and Xena for Suite101, later changing topics to Tolkien and Middle-earth. In 2000 Michael published a collection of his Suite101 essays and some other material in his first book, Visualizing Middle-earth. In 2002 Michael republished a collection of essays titled Parma Endorion (recognized by Yahoo! Internet Life as one of the Web’s leading scholarly Tolkien resources) as an eBook through Free-eBooks.Net. eBooks-and-Bytes declared Parma Endorion: Essays On Middle-earth, 3rd Edition to be the most popular eBook of the year. Fans have downloaded more than 1,000,000 copies of the book.

Michael also went on to publish a sequel to Visualizing Middle-earth, titled Understanding Middle-earth: Essays On J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth through Vivisphere press. Understanding Middle-earth is a substantially larger body of work than its predecessor, better organized, and includes previously unpublished material.

Martinez has appeared as a guest speaker at SF conventions, book signings, and technical conferences around the country. Together with Hawke Robinson Michael is co-host of Middle-earth Talk Radio and he has been interviewed on television, radio, and podcasts. Michael’s Tolkien research has been cited in numerous dissertations, newspaper articles, and magazines, including Jewsweek, Focus on the Family, TV Guide, and Wired.

Michael Martinez began working with computers in the mid-1970s while still a teenager. Working in the field for most of 30 years, Michael published articles and technical papers for Business Basic industry vendors and journals. He became interested in Internet marketing in 1997 as a consequence of developing Xenite.Org and in 1998 began practicing search engine optimization.

In 2006 Michael made the shift to practicing SEO full-time. He has written for popular SEO blogs including SEOmoz, SEO Theory, and Best SEO Blog. Michael presently operates his own Internet marketing consulting practice.