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Articles announcing news related to SF-Fandom and the Xenite.Org network.

Xenite.Org Adds Star Wars to Movie Portal

When I first launched Xenite.Org in 1997 I consolidated content from several science fiction and fantasy Websites I had set up on other services.  Within months I began adding new (sub-) sites to the domain, including Star Wars content.  Long ago I moved most of that content to another domain, SF-Worlds.Com, but I have always wanted to build a new section devoted to Star Wars on Xenite.Org.  This week I finally completed work on what I hope will become a much larger section over the next few years.

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Interesting Science Fiction Developments for October 2015

Word on the SF Fandom forums is that three Witch World movies are in development.  The Witch World is one of Andre Norton’s most famous fictional worlds, if not THE most famous of her fictional worlds.  She wrote the first novel, Witch World, in 1963 and many more books followed almost until her death in 2005. Continue reading

DragonCon 2015 Panels for Tolkien Fans

I will be an Attending Professional at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend. So far I am scheduled for one panel on Saturday and three panels and one solo session on Sunday. Continue reading

SF Fandom December 2014 News

Billy Bobble Makes a Magic WandRobert Mellette contacted us at the end of July and asked if we would be able to help promote a book he was publishing on December 8. We said we would be glad to. Unfortunately, time slipped by and we were unable to participate in the pre-release promotion campaign. However, SF-Fandom and its sister site have now published a two-part interview with Mellette.
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An Old Friend Makes a BIG Update

Xenite.Org Movies PortalXenite.Org has been relatively quiet for the past few years because so much of the site was built on static HTML files that we have been unable to set aside time to add more content and redesign the existing themes. In 2011 we replaced the root domain’s content with a WordPress blog and launched a dedicated subdomain for Middle-earth and J.R.R. Tolkien articles. We now have nearly 800 articles, mostly original research answering questions from fans all around the world.
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SF Fandom Co-founder Dixie Has Passed Away

We were saddened to learn about Dixie’s sudden death yesterday. She suffered an apparent heart attack while at home by herself.

Dixie joined the Xenite.Org community in April 1997 when she volunteered to assist with the Xena Online Resources directory. Within a few months she had earned a place as team leader for the XOR volunteer editors and took on full administrative duties for all of Xenite by that fall.
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