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Christy Harner publishes book, has baby boy

You may recall that I posted a trailer for Christy Harner’s book, Behind Every Illusion in April. She recently announced on her blog that she is now a Mum. Congratulations on the new joy in your life, Christy!

I also found out that you can now read Chapter 1 of Behind Every Illusion online. Seems like Christy is doing all the right things to market her book. The story is not a fairy tale, btw. 🙂

Have I read the book? No, sorry — I still have a stack of books I’m struggling to find time to read, including a few Tolkien-related titles. But the teaser she posted on her blog seems to me like a good opening for a story. And it gives you a fair glimpse at her writing style, which is easy on the eyes (in my opinion). That’s always a good thing.

And I am pretty sure I read somewhere that you can now order a copy of the book, too, but the reference eludes me. You CAN buy the book through Amazon, so let me trot out my little affiliate link here for the Kindle version (I don’t see any other versions available).

Behind Every Illusion (The GreenEarth Series)

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