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Happenings on SF Fandom and Elsewhere

Robert MelletteWe’re in the process of interviewing Robert Mellette, who was known as Xenastaff to many fans of Xena: Warrior Princess. He has a book coming out in a few days. We have not yet decided whether to publish the interview on Xenite.Org or SF-Fandom.com but I will share an update here when we get things sorted out.
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What We’re Saying About “Iron Man 3”

If you haven’t seen “Iron Man 3” yet — if you’re in doubt about whether to go see the movie at all while it is in the theater — then you just may want to check out the SF Fandom forum discussion “Iron Man 3 – My Take” or SciFi Guy’s review of “Iron Man 3” on Communizine.
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