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Legend of the Seeker Fans Asking Sam Raimi for a Movie

Sam Raimi

Sam Raimi

Fans of the hit television show Legend of the Seeker are still hopeful that a movie deal can be worked out. The show was cancelled in 2010 when the Tribune Company, forced into bankruptcy by a badly managed leveraged buyout, dropped its support for the syndicated show. Losing the Tribune stations cost Legend of the Seeker 1/3 of its American television market and the remaining 2/3 could not generate ratings high enough to keep the show in production. ABC Studios, which own the rights to the show (based on Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels), made a half-hearted attempt to find a network to pick up the show (they aimed for SyFy, which did a lousy job of testing the market).
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Legend of the Seeker Fans Appeal to Sam Raimi Directly

I can’t go into all the politics behind the scenes of the fan-run campaign to bring back Legend of the Seeker — mostly because I don’t know all the details — but I can say happily that the campaign continues and just a few days ago I became aware of a new initiative.

Legend of the Seeker was a syndicated television show based (loosely) upon Terry Goodkind’s Sword of Truth novels. Goodkind always supported the show and the show’s fans, which I felt was remarkable for an author. Most authors cringe at the thought of allowing any film or TV production company near their work (at least during their lifetimes) because there are inevitably always changes.
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Legend of the Seeker fans planning Craig Horner birthday Tweetabration

Fans of actor Craig Horner are organizing a January 24, 2012 2-hour tweetathon to wish Craig Horner, former star of Legend of the Seeker, a happy birthday.
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Seeker fans launch campaign to save their show

So you think that if some people at Entertainment Weekly and eOnline say that Legend of the Seeker is dead, that’s all there is to it, do you? The rallying cry for fans seems to be: “Nothing OFFICIAL has been said yet!”

While that might seem like a flimsy line upon which to cast one’s hope, one of the neat things about science fiction and fantasy fandom is that fans care — they have passion for their favorite books, their favorite television shows, and their favorite movies. Star Trek fans and Star Wars fans and Tolkien fans are all cut from the same cloth: they love the fantastic worlds that have opened new doors for their imaginations.

Terry Goodkind’s hardcore Sword of Truth fans may or may not have taken Legend of the Seeker to their hearts, but many other people have. Heck, I enjoy the show and I hope it continues for another 3-6 years. But I’ve been around long enough to know it’s a rare television show (especially in the fantasy TV genre) that lasts that long.

Still, the current generation of fans are as passionate and dedicated and soul-loving as the fans I grew up with and first met at science fiction conventions and on the Internet. Their spirits are fierce. Their hearts are pure.

And they have begun organizing a campaign to let ABC/Disney know they are NOT happy with any decision that results in Legend of the Seeker ending at 2 seasons. The first salvo in this ambitious last-minute battle has been launched. You can sign an online petition for Season 3 of the Seeker.

If you want to participate in the organization process by contributing ideas, offering resources, or providing encouragement there is a new discussion at LegendoftheSeeker.Org titled The Renewal Warwagon. I did not start it, but it’s worth nothing this is a big deal to Seeker fans.

Fans are rallying behind the banner to renew Legend of the Seeker for Season 3.

Fans are rallying behind the banner to renew Legend of the Seeker for Season 3.

I love this banner. It is SO Seekerific, if I may coin a term.

So, will this work? I have no idea. But I figure it’s worth a try. I absolutely do not like what I have seen of SyFy’s show Merlin. I turn off the television after I finish watching Stargate: Universe. SyFy says they were not impressed with fan response to their Seeker marathon. That just shows you what happens with poor planning.

Anyway, I’ve been down this path before. I’ve known the victory of success and the heartbreak of disappointment. I’m not yet too old to care. In fact, they can pry my passion from my cold dead fingers — and they may not have the strength to do it then.

Watch Legend of the Seeker episodes online

Yes, it’s legal. Yes, it’s free.

The official Web site for Legend of the Seeker has arranged to make the first seven episodes of the show available for free through Hulu.

Legend of the Seeker is based on Terry Goodkind’s Wizard’s First Rule, bringing Goodkind’s imagination to life through syndicated television. The creative team behind the show are headed by Sam Raimi and Rob Tapert, the guys who created the immensely popular Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.

Filmed in New Zealand, Legend of the Seeker has achieved successful first season ratings in the U.S. syndicated market and has been assured of 22 episodes.

In my personal opinion the show is pretty good although not great, but every first season is kind of rough. They have had to deal with a lot of set up stories, fleshing out character backgrounds, explaining the concepts of the society (to the audience), and so forth. If you’re not familiar with Terry Goodkind’s books you won’t feel left out if you decide only to watch the show.

SF-Fandom does not yet have a dedicated forum for Legend of the Seeker but we have many Seeker discussions in our Fantasy Television Forum. I’m still waiting to see what the consensus will be on how fans refer to the show: should it be LoTS or just Seeker?

That takes me back to when Xena fans debated whether to call themselves Xenites or Xenaphiles. Xenite actually won out in a poll, and the rest is history.

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