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Bringing A Star Wars Galaxy to a Middle-earth Near You

It seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.  This week “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens in theaters around the world (and advanced ticket sales surged past $100 million several days ago, setting a new record).  And fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas are constantly comparing their stories, partly because Lucas borrowed some ideas from Tolkien and partly because that is what science fiction and fantasy fans do.  So I decided to take a new look at the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings tales side-by-side.

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And Here Come the Interviews with the Tolkien Scholars

Janet Brennan Croft is the editor of Mythlore, a peer-reviewed journal of literary studies that focuses on the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, C.S. Lewis, Charles Williams, and the genres of myth and fantasy (okay, I quoted the Website for all that).
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A Few More Tolkien-Related Items

I have to say that I was pleased to learn that Evangeline Lilly considers herself to be a Tolkien purist. She has, of course, accepted the role of the non-canonical Mirkwood Elf Tauriel (who is NOT a love interest for Legolas, as some people had feared).
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Watch Tolkien Moot 2010 on the Internet

Tolkien Moot 2010 will be held in Spokane, WA the weekend of August 13-15 but if you cannot attend in person you will have the opportunity to watch the sessions live on the Internet. There will be three live performances (open to the public) by elvish music artist Rehtaeh (Heather Downing). We’ll have a chat room running for people to ask questions and share comments.
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Will Harry Potter last as long as Frodo Baggins?

It seems an idle question, I suppose. But Hawke Robinson raised this question recently as we were talking about the Harry Potter books in comparison to Tolkien’s Middle-earth mythology. Tolkien’s legacy has come close to establishing itself in a longeval niche much like the works of older writers from previous centuries.

If I recall correctly, I think Hawke was suggesting that Tolkien may now be given as much value as Shakespeare as a literary genius — or soon may be. The idea that in 500 years people will still find Tolkien as relevant as Shakespeare teases the imagination into thinking that Tolkien succeeded in creating an “English” novel (exemplifying what he felt might have been the style of some English books had the invasion of 1066 not happened).

This is an example of the kinds of topics we can meander into at Middle-earth Talk Radio but it’s one that deserves attention from other people, including fans of both Harry Potter and Middle-earth. Will J.K. Rowling’s legacy match Tolkien’s? I suppose another interesting question is whether Tolkien’s legacy should match Shakespeare’s, but there is no poll for that (yet).

You can take the poll on the new Middle-earth Radio Website.

Unfortunately, old user accounts at the previous incarnation of Middle-earth Radio could not be brought forward into this site redesign. If you had a user account you will have to sign up again. Please make an effort to do that. Hawke and I appreciate all the feedback we have received for the Middle-earth Talk Radio show.

As for Harry Potter vs. Lord of the Rings, I think they will both enjoy considerable longevity. I feel the Harry Potter story is relevant to every generation. It’s not really locked into the timeframe in which it was written (the 1990s to 2000s) so much as it is set in a “Harry Potter timeframe” in the same way Middle-earth is set in the Third Age.

The Harry Potter books follow the lives of almost ordinary young protagonists who grow up during a very dark and frightening time. It is a sad statement about human nature that today we have dark lord-like evil Satan-serving enemies of humanity like Osama bin Laden, but the War on Terror does in some way resemble those classic fictional struggles between good and evil.

Please do visit the site and vote in the poll. It’s a simplistic poll but I think it’s worth your time and attention. I hope you agree.

Unbelievably magnificent Tolkien quilt wins competition

You have to see it to believe it. This “Tribute to Tolkien” qulit to Best In Show at the 2010 American Quilt Society annual competition.

Sue McCarty of Roy, UT won 'Best in Show' at the 2010 American Quilt Society show.

This tribute quilt stylized on Tolkien's Middle-earth took Best In Show for 2010 at the American Quilt Society's annual show.

Several news articles covered the quilt’s win but this article with accompanying video seems to offer the best coverage.

The incredible details — barely visible in this image — include Elvish Tengwar (at the center top), the Doors of Durin from Moria, a swan boat or ship, Eomer and Eowyn standing before Theoden, the horn of Boromir, the White Tree of Gondor, Ringwraiths, Barad-dur, Orthanc, and much, much more.

A lot of hard work went into the quilt. I hope I get an opportunity to see it up close some day.

You can see a list of all the winners here.