What People are Saying about ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Captain America: Civil WarI saw “Captain America: Civil War” the other day and I loved it.  This was, in my opinion, the best superhero movie I have ever seen.  Until now “Iron Man” held that position in my esteem.  Both movies are fresh and original compared to what came before them.

You can read my longer review of “Captain America: Civil War” on SF-Fandom’s forums.  It’s not easy to write a movie review when you have so many things going through your head.  My hat is off to professional movie reviewers who do this week in and week out.  In fact, my movie tastes are rather limited.  I would not do well if I had to watch a lot of the movies that are reviewed. Continue reading

Bringing A Star Wars Galaxy to a Middle-earth Near You

It seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.  This week “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” opens in theaters around the world (and advanced ticket sales surged past $100 million several days ago, setting a new record).  And fans of J.R.R. Tolkien and George Lucas are constantly comparing their stories, partly because Lucas borrowed some ideas from Tolkien and partly because that is what science fiction and fantasy fans do.  So I decided to take a new look at the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings tales side-by-side.

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Xenite.Org Adds Star Wars to Movie Portal

When I first launched Xenite.Org in 1997 I consolidated content from several science fiction and fantasy Websites I had set up on other services.  Within months I began adding new (sub-) sites to the domain, including Star Wars content.  Long ago I moved most of that content to another domain, SF-Worlds.Com, but I have always wanted to build a new section devoted to Star Wars on Xenite.Org.  This week I finally completed work on what I hope will become a much larger section over the next few years.

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A Quick Update for November 2015

I posted an update on the #AllSeekersEve Twitterfest/Tweetstorm from Halloween.  It was, in my opinion, a big success.  Could it have been larger?  Sure.  Maybe with more advanced planning I could have gotten more people involved.  But it was great to see so many fans come out with their contributions.  Legend of the Seeker was a great television show and I miss it.  A lot of other people do, too.  But my science fiction month has been a little busier than that.

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Interesting Science Fiction Developments for October 2015

Word on the SF Fandom forums is that three Witch World movies are in development.  The Witch World is one of Andre Norton’s most famous fictional worlds, if not THE most famous of her fictional worlds.  She wrote the first novel, Witch World, in 1963 and many more books followed almost until her death in 2005. Continue reading

DragonCon 2015 Panels for Tolkien Fans

I will be an Attending Professional at Dragon*Con in Atlanta this weekend. So far I am scheduled for one panel on Saturday and three panels and one solo session on Sunday. Continue reading